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By Baytown Patio Covers

Pergolas. We love the outdoors in Baytown particularly during the spring and fall months. That’s why, let’s be frank, that we live here! There is no place better than being outside and being under your pergola. Pergolas are great because they provide shade but don’t block all the light. In fact you can achieve up to 85% shade from a pergola that is built right. That is one thing that makes patio pergolas so special. They make for great patio covers. These are the only patio coverings that don’t block the sun entirely but still provide some relief from the sun with shade in the summer.

On every pergola project that we do we only use the best building materials. We would like you to feel confident as a client that you pay for and work with the best patio design professional in the area. So when you’re ready to turn your back patio into an outdoor living space or outdoor kitchen, call us. When we are done you will be living on the patio outside, or at least spending most your time there!

Pergola Materials

The very first step when choosing to build a pergola is deciding what type of material for us to build it with. There are several different building materials available. Most times our customers choose cedar. This type of wood last the longest and does a great job withstanding the elements and Texas heat.

​When we build pergolas, we want them to look beautiful but still be functional providing shade. A pergola design can be simple or feature intricate design elements that are much more elaborate. The goal is to create a usable space outdoors providing privacy or a place to relax. There is no right or wrong place to build and use a pergola. Traditionally we see them in back yards, used in gardens, on the patio, or around the pool. We can build your pergola anywhere you want.

Baytown Pergolas

Custom Pergola Designs – The next step in getting your new pergola is the pergola design. After you choose what material you want, we need to create the design. Everyone’s backyard or living space is different so we custom build each pergola to your needs. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes that we can build custom wood pergolas. A very simple design would be square or rectangular. They can be multi-level designs also. The great thing about us custom building these shade structures is we can do curved or round to match the shade of your patio or pool.

We can plan out how to build your pergola once you know the design you want. When we come to your home we will layout our step by step design process for you. After doing this for so long we know that you will love your pergola design. Your family and friends will enjoy the final pergola product for the many years to come.

We’re pergola construction experts. We have the experience and the know-how to build whatever your patio needs to cool and shade you. Baytown Patio Covers can build any patio cover or pergola that you can dream of. We use the best materials and very skilled craftsmen to produce the absolute best pergola covers for your home. Give Baytown Patio Covers a call today for all of your pergola building needs!

Pergolas Baytown TX

It’s a no brainer to choose a pergola for your backyard outdoor living area. They are attractive and functional providing shade and an area of relaxation and beauty. Pergolas make great patio covers providing the necessary shade without blocking all your sunlight. There are so many customizations we can add when building your pergola. We can add ceiling fans and lights. We can build your outdoor kitchen right underneath it. There are endless possibilities.

The Impact of Baytown Pergolas

What we see is that people with pergolas, patio covers, and outdoor kitchens actually use their outdoor space. Why does this happen? Well for one, they are called shade structures for a reason… They provide shelter from the sun. They also make great places to relax. A beautiful pergola is a continuation of your home. These outdoor living spaces are inviting and hopefully get you and your family out of the house. Pergolas really enhance the experience outside. We find it inspires our customers to meet with friends and even host events more often, when they have a beautiful pergola.

DIY Pergolas

With all the home improvement shows and people like Chip and Joanna Gains, there has been a push for DIY options for all sorts of home renovations.  The reality is DIY pergola kits can be found online and for very cheap.  We know that your home is your biggest investment, in most cases of your life, so why would you want to cheapen it to save a few dollars?  There are also DIY pergola plans, but we don’t recommend installing pergolas by yourself.  Patio covers, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens should be installed by a licensed professional.  We never recommend anyone inexperienced installing these types of shade structures.  Pergolas should be securely fastened or cemented to the ground.  They also should only be built with quality materials.  DIY pergolas and kits are generally not made of high quality materials and are usually a bad investment. The saying you get what you pay for comes to mind when we see the DIY Pergolas.