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By Baytown Patio Covers

Our custom kitchens are ideal in the outdoor environment for an adventurous cook, barbecue master or hostess. The heart of the house is said to be in the kitchen, and that’s the same for your backyard with an outdoor kitchen. If you want to entertain and feed guests in your dream backyard resort, the outside kitchen might be the thing you are missing to complete your dream. Baytown Patio Covers with over twenty years of experience has been specializing in installing well-designed outdoor kitchen that more than exceeds your expectations. You can add fireplaces, wine refrigerators, brick pizza ovens, and so much more with touches of contemporary elegance by integrating high-end granite countertops to your barbecuing design for your custom outdoor kitchen. Make your fantastic kitchen a reality with the aid of the multidisciplinary team of our licensed landscape architects and authorized contractors in Baytown, Beach City, East Houston or Mont Belvieu area. Baytown Patio Covers is transforming one backyard at a time and impressing families for decades with our innovative designs, quality, durability, and our five star customer service.

Baytown Outdoor Kitchen

Baytown Outdoor Kitchens enhance and expand the fun and usefulness of your backyard.

These open-air kitchens and outdoor living spaces are specially designed to make you happy with the look, the performance, and how well they blend into your property. Consider the positive impact on your lifestyle as you entertain guests or enjoy special moments with delicious meals cooked in your modern, fully equipped kitchen patio.

We are able to integrate any features you choose to add. If you are looking for a basic barbecue grill, or a full chef’s kitchen to prepare gourmet feasts like Gordon Ramsey, we are happy to build whatever you want with the skills, knowledge, and expertise in the outdoor kitchen industry. We will do that on time and within budget.

We are professional outdoor living designers, so we can incorporate your new kitchen into your yard and surroundings for a complete oasis of outdoor luxury and relaxation. If you want to upgrade your property with an outdoor fireplace or pergola, we can handle the project. Reach us to make your backyard paradise a reality.

Outdoor Kitchen Baytown TX

On a summer night there is nothing better than spending time in the backyard with the family and playing with the children and dogs. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can be an excellent investment to make dinner a fun event, not a chore, in your home and family life. A custom kitchen may be all you need, but where are you beginning? Here are some reasons that make Baytown Patio Covers the #1 Outdoor Kitchen Company in Texas and can create the right outdoor kitchen for entertaining in your backyard to your personal taste and budget.

Outdoor Kitchen Baytown TX​
Outdoor Kitchen Baytown TX​

Mont Belvieu Outdoor Kitchen

We hire only the most experienced and highly skilled outdoor kitchen designers and builders in the area. Our outdoor kitchen gurus have lots of experience and work hard to ensure you get exactly what you want. When you hire our amazing team to make your outdoor vision come true, you are not only getting something that’s functional but is built to last.

Our team chooses only the finest materials to construct your outdoor kitchen project. Our products and outdoor kitchen accessories are important in your outdoor kitchen. We understand that. Baytown Patio Covers wants those products and materials you are choosing to be of the best quality.

Our team that specializes in outdoor kitchens will be sure you are utilizing the space you have wisely. Our designer pros want to be sure not only that you utilize the space how you want to but that it suits your property and life. We will look at it inward and outward to be sure we are not missing something important. We want to be sure our homeowners are using their space well. We look at it from all angles when we design and suggest ideas to you. Our family owned company goes further than most companies, because we want to treat you like family. We always go the extra mile to please you. Afterall, that’s why we got into this business!

We can put a roof on it! If you want to have an area covered or accessible, most people here in the South want a covered garden, covered barbecue, and grill area to be used year after year without baking in the sun. If you want a patio cover, you may decide you want it attached or next to the house. Baytown Patio Covers, of course, can handle that as well.

Outdoor Kitchens Mont Belvieu TX

We can help you pick out all the extra components to your outdoor kitchen area. With so many extra accessories out there people are adding the coolest parts to complete their outdoor kitchen! You can add a stunning BBQ grill, large sinks, brick pizza oven, refrigerators, freezers, smokers, a Green Egg or a pizza stove! You may not need them all but it’s nice to know you have tons of options to complete your outdoor vision. You may wish to have an outdoor fireplace, depending on your space. These are all items that must be taken into account in the planning phase and are much better to add them in at the planning phase than to try to put in the project later. Our outdoor kitchen design and development team has decades of experience doing just this for you.

Outdoor Kitchens

After the plans have been finalized it can take time to get your new outside kitchen assembled by our builders, but waiting will be worth it. The employment of our design and construction company can speed up the process, because the entire project can be carried out from design to construction. We are a one-stop shop with the knowledge and expertise to deliver the best outdoor kitchen out there! It can take some time, depending on the size of your project, so do not wait and let’s prepare today! We offer superior customer service, solid workmanship, and professional outdoor kitchen installations. We always show up on time and don’t miss appointments. What are you waiting for? Lets transform your outdoor living area today! Whether you’re in Houston, Baytown, Beach City, or Mont Belvieu, we want to hear from you today. Call Baytown Patio Covers at