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Are you in Baytown, Beach City, or Mont Belvieu area and looking to put in a customized outdoor living space? Baytown Patio Covers is the premier custom Patio Cover and Outdoor Kitchen builder in our area. It’s our goal to build your outdoor living space with a custom patio cover that suits your every need. We build our patio covers to match the architecture of your home. They don’t look like an afterthought or an addition but an extension of your home. This is definitely a must have renovation for your home adding an extra place for your family to relax while enjoying the outdoor breeze and watching the kids play in the backyard. A Baytown Patio Cover adds value to your home. 

With over twenty years of experience and work that more than speaks for itself, its easy to see why you should trust us with your business. We treat you like family. Our highly skilled builders in Baytown are knowledgeable, creative, and of course friendly. You can expect quality patio covers customized to not only meet but exceed your dream patio. We care and take the time to get to know what you want in your Baytown Patio Cover to deliver what you actually want. No two patio covers we build look alike. We individually design each patio cover for each home. 

At Baytown Patio Covers, we provide a level of customer service and personal attention that is unmatched in our industry. Our expert designers and construction management team provide unique turn-key build services. We will transform your outdoor living space into the personal retreat you deserve.  If you are looking for a patio cover and outdoor kitchen, call us today at (281) 738-2286.

Patio Covers​
Patio Covers​

Patio Covers

Whether its windy, rainy, or sunny outside, you can enjoy your outdoor patio space year round with protection from all the outdoor elements from your custom patio. Your outdoor patio furniture and appliances are also protected from these weathering elements that would degrade your furniture faster if hit by sun and rain month after month. A patio cover gives you 365 days of protection a year so you can relax and feel comfortable outside. You will enjoy the beauty of the outside from the comfort of your new outdoor patio cover. In Texas, having a patio to shade you from the heat allows you to spend time outdoors in the summer. This is so crucial in Texas.

Home Value – A patio cover adds value to your home allowing you to get more on your house than when you purchased it.  So not only are you adding to your investment, you get to enjoy your new outdoor space with the addition of adding curb appeal to your home.  

 Added Privacy & Security
Once Baytown Patio Covers installs a custom patio enclosure, you will have extra protection and safety. Enclosing your patio increases the privacy and security of your home.  While you relax and enjoy the beauty from the outside under your new custom-built patio cover, you can enjoy these benefits with peace of mind. It’s nice to sit outside in Baytown watching the Texas sunset from the shade. Without being open to neighbors next door, you will enjoy the serenity of your house without the harmful UV rays and other outdoor elements.

Patio Covers Baytown TX

Baytown Patio Covers provides a number of benefits such as protecting your health and well-being, puts money back in your pocket when you decide to sell your house, and adds privacy and security that you and your family deserve. Let us transform your patio into a patio space that provides you the resort style escapes from reality. When you want an expert for patio design and installation, reach out to Baytown Patio Covers. With over Baytown Patio Covers offers the best when it comes to a well-designed patio cover that’s built to last. Our durable patio covers are made to order. This means we don’t design and build them till after we have met with you and find out what you want in your custom patio cover. Our patio covers are an excellent solution for consumers who want to add a shaded patio to their outdoor living area in their house. Whether you want a living area that fits your homes by the lake or you are looking for a way to lounge with family and friends, Baytown Patio Covers has yours just waiting to be built. Our products create the perfect setting for family events, BBQ’s, birthday parties, or any other needs you might have. Combining your individual style with superior building materials, our patio enclosures are better than all of our competitors.

Baytown Patios

You can create your patio cover with different materials, however, Baytown Patio Covers recommends only the finest materials when designing and creating your patio cover. We highly recommend using wood for your patio cover. When you have a wood patio cover, you get a beautiful and strong material that is more aesthetic to the eye. A wood patio provides a more durability than aluminum patios allowing you to hang televisions, fans, bird feeders, and other items that you like in your patio covered area. If cost is a factor, wood patios are significantly cheaper. Isn’t that interesting? A stronger and longer lasting material is actually the more affordable product.

Our patio covers are custom built structures attached to your home that offers a patio or deck providing superior shade, harmful UV rays and rain protection. You can have one created with an open or closed roof based on your needs. If you know you want a patio enclosure but aren’t sure what kind of design you want, our patio contractor pros can help! We specialize in a variety of custom patio enclosures with many different styles and designs.

There are many benefits when it comes to creating a patio cover with Baytown’s best patio cover builder offering the very best in design, luxury, creativity, and affordability for your professional patio cover installation. 

Weather Protection
20 years of experience building the best custom wood patio covers, you will have the premier Texas patio cover building experts. We would love to hear from you about what ideas and vision for your next outdoor patio. If you are ready to invest in your family and get what you deserve, call our family owned company today to enjoy your morning cup of coffee under the best patio cover in Baytown at (281) 738-2286.


We’re Baytown’s #1 pergola builder. Outdoor living areas can make your outdoor space into a retreat.

Our pergola designs are unique and blend with your home’s architecture. None of our patio covers or pergolas look like an add on or after thought. Our pergolas bring a natural wow factor to your outdoor space.

Baytown Patio Cover is family owned and operated in the Baytown area and we service all of the East Houston Area. For over 20 years we have been a leader in the home renovation space. We are very experienced in outdoor living, especially when it comes to pergolas, patio covers, and outdoor kitchens.

There are so many inspirations for your patios and pergolas on the internet and DIY shows it can be a little overwhelming. We have the experience and the eye for design so it’s easy for us to guide you to a custom patio design that best fits your need and budget.

There is no pergola design that we can’t figure out and build. We have seen and built it all. Call us today or fill out our form and we will call you!

Baytown Pergolas

Not sure if you want a patio cover or pergola? Do you need some help deciding the best use of your outdoor space? We can help you decide the best pergola for your home. After looking at some of our pergola ideas and some of our past projects, we think you will have a pretty good idea of the pergola you want. If not we offer free in home estimates so meeting with you in person will help you design your ideal pergola for your home.

We bring our portfolio of pergola designs to your home. Seeing your backyard will give us an idea of your space so we can come up with the best pergola design and style.

Our ultimate goal at Baytown Patio Covers is to make your backyard another living place where you can chill, enjoy nature and outdoors while hanging with your family and friends!

Outdoor Kitchens​
Outdoor Kitchens​

Outdoor Kitchens

Transforming One Backyard at a Time

It takes more than a great yard or pool to truly appreciate what outdoor living is all about. When you’re entertaining outside and ready for some food you don’t want to leave to go indoors to prepare a meal, snacks, or even drinks. You need an outdoor kitchen to complete your outdoor living space. Baytown Patio Covers has years of experience in designing and building outdoor kitchens. We can build just about anything, we do it on time, and within budget. Our trusted company has been voted the best in Baytown 2018 for the best outdoor patio kitchens. There are several patio builders and home renovation companies around. It’s important that you work with a professional offering the most experience, skill, and quality your money can buy. Build your outdoor dream today. Call our pro outdoor patio kitchen contractors today for a free consultation to see how we can help you at (281) 738-2286.

Baytown Outdoor Kitchens

Your custom outdoor kitchen is a place to entertain, dine, and enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the patio. Your family will appreciate the benefits of an outdoor kitchen, because it will help you save on utility bills during the summer time. We know how expensive cooling your home can be during those hot months. When you fry, bake, and grill outside, you don’t have to worry about the air conditioning fighting with your oven to keep your house cool and save money on energy consumption. In addition, your living space gets bigger when you add an outdoor kitchen. Another place to hang out with your family and friends is an asset to any home. The National Association of Home Builder’s study showed that outdoor kitchens add value to your home and can recover 110% to 130% of that home upgrade when you resale your home. If that’s not enough reason to pull the trigger on your next home renovation, I don’t know what it is.

We can build a very basic BBQ grill and bar area or a complete outdoor chef’s paradise. We build custom barbecue islands, outdoor kitchens, brick pizza ovens, backyard fireplaces, comfortable outdoor living room, and much more for any residential home! If you want an outdoor kitchen that would make Gordon Ramsey jealous, call us today. We have the experience, creativity, and know-how. Your custom outdoor kitchen will exceed anything that you could dream up. Baytown Patio Covers can bring your visions to life with superior construction quality and build your outdoor oasis today.

Outdoor Kitchens Baytown TX

When it comes to designing, building, and installing the best outdoor patio kitchen in Baytown area, we focus on providing the best customer service and providing information to our customers to make sure you get the most out of your money. Baytown Patio Covers is also very proud of the quality of our work and only work with other contractors and manufacturers with a long history of building quality products, offer exceptional guarantees with their warranty, and provide maximum value for the price of your superior outdoor kitchen.

We offer a large selection of barbecue grills and kitchen island accessories, in addition to quality buildings and individual pieces. Our outdoor creations offer weatherproof construction with materials recommended for use outside, unlike some of our competitors. You can rest assured you are getting rust and mold resistant materials to allow your outdoor creation to last a lifetime with low maintenance. We offer unlimited options, and that’s because our customers deserve the best out there. We can’t deliver the best designs, construction, and service without giving our customers every option out there. In addition, you can rest assured that our designers and builders respect our customer’s budget to help you get the most value for your investment. We offer free estimates before you pay a dime. With a local outdoor kitchen company based right here in Baytown, it’s so much easier for you to find us.

For every outdoor kitchen project, we really have something that will make all the neighbors on your street jealous. What wait? Let’s transform your outdoor living! Our trusted company can build your outdoor lifestyle with custom outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fireplaces, outdoor living rooms, patio covers, and so much more to be desired in Baytown, Beach City, or Mont Belvieu area. Make your vision and dream a reality!

Home Remodeling

We believe a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to home remodeling, additions, kitchen remodeling, or bathroom remodeling. Baytown Patio Covers handles outdoor living and home remodeling. Are you interested in upgrading your kitchen or remodeling a bathroom, looking for home addition or renovation, or are you ready to start a new building project?
We have an extensive background in Baytown remodeling and home renovations.

Kitchen Remodels – Homeowners spend more time in their kitchens today than ever before. It could be entertaining, eating as a family, or just cooking great new recipes. It’s a big decision to remodel your kitchen. Our kitchen designs will help you better utilize your communal space. We can remodel your kichen so it stands out if you ever decide to sell.

When it comes to home renovations a kitchen remodel is one of the most popular request that we receive. Kitchens have grown into a space that is more than just a place to cook. Have you noticed that people tend to gravitate towards the kitchen during a gathering vs the living room. Deciding to remodel the kitchen can allow you to create a space that meets the needs of your family.

Home Remodeling​
Home Remodeling​

Bathroom Remodels

The last couple of decades evolved bathrooms from simple functional water closet to a more soothing space. Many bathrooms are a place to relax after a day at work or a day spent caring for your family. We can remodel your bathroom into a personal spa at home. Most homeowners don’t realize that remodeling a bathroom is one area of home improvement that can return most of your investment at resale. If you’re thinking about selling your home a bathroom remodeling project will help. Remodeling your bathroom will help you sell at a higher price and possibly sell it faster. These are both benefits that help your wallet. It’s important to have the right contractor though because if you don’t do it the right way or you don’t finish it, it will cost you money.

Exterior Renovations in the front or the back of your home. First impressions are important. The first thing your neighbors or potential home buyers see is the exterior of your house. Home remodeling includes those exterior renovations. Remodeling the outside of your home can improve your homes curb appeal, address issues that have developed, or be part of a larger home expansion project.


Outdoor Living & Outdoor Kitchens

Want a carport in your Texas home? If you have been hunting for a custom long-lasting Baytown, Beach City, East Houston, or Mont Belvieu carport? Baytown Patio Covers are specialized in building the best quality and durable carports. We rank as the #1 company for design and construction of our carports. We are available by phone or in person to help you figure out exactly what you need with custom carports Houston TX. We recommend an at home consultation, so that we may better assist you. If we can see the size and location of your home and many other factors, we know you will be happy. Our creative carport design and development team can even enclose the sides like a garage. Whatever you have in mind for your carport project, Baytown Patio Covers has your back. Our expert carport builders will create and deliver a well-designed quality carport you have always dreamed of.

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Baytown Carports

Just like the patio covers we create adding an extension to the back of your home, we can create a gorgeous carport for the front of your house too. These carports are not the poor quality metal carports many other competitors are selling. They are made of the same superior quality materials used in our patio covers that last a lifetime, ultimately maintenance free, and definitely add curb appeal to your home.

Residential Carports are important especially for boats, tractors, trucks, RV’s, trailers, motorcycles, and vehicles that cannot fit in your garage. Not only will your custom carport add value to your home, it will add to the resale value of your home increasing the return of your investment. What a great alternative to a garage? Baytown Patio Covers protect your assets by protecting your vehicles from the outdoor elements that wear on a vehicle. We offer today’s modern carport to residential home owners that want a place to park their vehicles without the look of a metal carport that does not aesthetically match your home. Rather, our carports are an extension of your home providing more covered space to your property.

Give Baytown Patio Covers a call today if you would like a personalized quote for your particular building needs at (281) 738-2286. Our experienced staff will create and design the highest quality wood carport that aligns with your style and needs at an affordable price. Unless you have any more questions, I think it’s time to get started!

Baytown Patio Covers
Baytown Patio Covers

Outdoor Living

Adding an outdoor living area is a big trend today in home remodeling. There are a lot of things that might be included like an outdoor kitchen, patio cover, pergola, and a fireplace. Baytown Patio Covers can help you with an outdoor living space. We can also help with an outdoor kitchen or patio. We custom build the following:

  • Patio Covers and Decks
  • Pergolas
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Baytown Outdoor Living

If you’re looking for a way to expand your home and your living spaces, an outdoor kitchen will do it. These are extensions of your home, not additions. They provide a place for entertaining family and friends. Another great thing about outdoor living spaces is their value. They almost always increase the value of your home, at least they make it much easier to sell if you ver decided to do that.

Baytown Patio Covers can design your new outdoor space. We have the years of experience andcan provide ideas of how to maximize the use of your space. Every project we work on is turn key meaning we handle everything.

Baytown Patio Covers
Baytown Patio Covers

Outdoor Living Baytown TX

We can bring extend the party outdoors onto your brand-new patio
When doing any type of renovation on your home you should only use a professional contractor. 

We know that your backyard is a significant part of your home. Many people argue that because of its size, your backyard can be as important as the interior of your home. Most of the time it’s the area of the home that gets neglected. Let us build you a gorgeous and functional outdoor living space. We can extend your living room and kitchen out to enjoy your view a bit more. Contact Baytown Patio Covers today to learn how our outdoor living contractors can upgrade your backyard and patio.

We are a Patio Contractor. Let us make your outdoor space amazing. Home remodeling is a great way to renovate your back patio. It’s a good time to show off your landscape and increase your usable space. Do you want to relax next to a gorgeous outdoor fireplace? Would you use your patio if it was an outdoor living space vs an uncovered patio furniture storage unit?

Call (281) 738-2286 right now and let’s go over your outdoor space.

Outdoor living

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