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The premier installer of custom patio covers is Baytown Patio Covers servicing Baytown, Beach City, East Houston or Mont Belvieu area. We will accommodate all your specifications and style from the solid shade cover to partial shade cover like lattices. Baytown Patio Covers prides ourselves on our commitment to give our loyal customers the best design, budget, and construction options available that suits their home and personal style. We have been the leading specialty designer, manufacturer, and installer of building patio covers since 2000 in our area. We will continue transforming backyards, one patio at at time. Call Baytown Patio Covers when you’re ready or when you want us to give your backyard makeover that it needs.

Baytown Patio Covers
Baytown Patio Covers

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Texas is a great place to live and the environment plays an important role in our everyday lives for most of us. A Patio Cover is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the outdoor activities at home throughout the year without being subjected to the extreme environmental elements like heat, wind, and rain. That’s triple the protection you need to enjoy your outdoor living space. If you want your Houston patio cover to outperform others and protect against sunshine, fog, wind, and rain, you have come to the right place. Year after year our design and development team has been awarded for the most created designs and styles when it comes to patio covers in Texas. If you want the best patio company working on your property, you have found it. We have over twenty years of experience and only hire the best patio contract builders to work for us. Our company prides yourself in building quality products built to your satisfaction in a timely manner.

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Turn your outdoor patio area into a true tropical oasis by having outstanding protection against the sun and harmful UV rays. A place where your shaded plants thrive will be important under your backyard patio. Baytown Patio Covers creates all of our patio covers to match your architecture, personal taste and are professionally assembled, you can also choose the amount of shades, colors, and designs you want out of your patio cover.

We take pride in our willingness to continuously achieve excellence in each patio we create. Our experience design and development team are the most experienced professionals who will help guide you every step of the way to your dream residential patio cover. You will end up with superior workmanship and top-rated premium products that most other patio companies would not provide the same level of materials or finished products. Baytown Patio Covers offer excellent customer service and take the time to listen to what our customers want so that we can create something they will treasure decades to come.

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How about a modern patio cover to spice up the look of your home? Updating your home with the addition of a patio cover is not as expensive as renovating your kitchen or bathroom. You also get additional outdoor living space added to your home to relax in. Enjoying a good book outside requires a well designed patio cover to create a highly usable outdoor space you can truly relax in. Patio covers built correctly will reduce heat, save on energy bills, and optimize your outdoor living and entertaining. If you want the perfect patio cover, so you have an extra space to host guest, evening parties, brunches, or a serene place to relax or bird watch in the shade to enjoy the gorgeous nature surroundings. Baytown Patio Covers brings together the best in functionality, design, usability, and overall appearance.

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If your tired of your old patio cover and want to replace a patio cover with a stronger and longer lasting alternative, Baytown Patio Covers can boost your property’s appeal and maximize your enjoyment of the space you now have. We have plenty of before and after photos that will sway you to pulling the trigger today. Afterall, you only have one life to live so hopefully your living it in the most amazing space.

Baytown Patio Covers is known for its trending patio cover designs. Our creative design and development team produces quality patio designs to create an innovative outdoor space that offers superior durability. Whether you want a sleeker style or something more traditional our design experts have all your patio design needs to match too.

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Our family owned business takes pride in giving your property a fresh look with a gorgeous patio cover installation. We offer only the highest quality materials to build our patio covers that will last a lifetime. Take advantage of our full customization of your patio enclosures and patio roof covers. Keep in mind that all the materials used for your patio cover installation exceeds the highest Baytown, Beach City, East Houston or Mont Belvieu safety standards for your complete peace of mind.

Our patio cover company can work with the budget you provide to create simple inexpensive patios spanning a budget allowing for bigger and complex patios. Why not enhance your outdoor living space with one of our design professionals today. If you are ready to trust our patio cover gurus help transform your backyard, call Baytown Patio Covers for a custom estimate today at